What is this shit?

May 13, 2009

Listening to: Basket Case by Haruna Ikezawa

Around midnight or something I logged on to Pangya and since there weren’t any good tourneys going on and none of my friends were on, I decided to cruise the Lounges. While looking around I thought I’d just post some of the RIDICULOUS things I saw.

Here are seperate screenshots I cut out and made into one picture of ridiculously-overpriced items (mostly feathers):

Fucking feathers selling for over a fucking million Pang. Have fun not getting your items bought, douchebags.

Here are a bunch of shop titles I cut and made into one picture. Notice anything?:

Hey, here’s a crazy idea: earn your own goddamned Pang yourself instead of begging for Pang from others.

This last one I just found to be hilarious:

Cecilia’s Rose Hairpin selling for 500,000 Pang. You can buy it in the fucking shop for 2,500 Pang.



  1. Wth is going on with the Pangya economy from just that it seems to be gettting pretty fucked up again.

    Well I love you sweetie can’t wait to see you tomorrow. ^_^

    Give me a call.

  2. I had fun playing Pangya with you this evening and can’t wait to see you too. :D

  3. Yeah, feather prices are fucking ridiculous. I heard that they were 900k+, and looks like you just confirmed that. Good thing that’s, you know, way out of everyone’s price range.


  4. Seriously. Hopefully, with the recent happenings of no one being able to open a shop in the Lounges, they’re working on some sort of solution. D:<

  5. how sad it’s almost the end of may but there’s still hackers running loose, we just can’t see it because the shops are disabled. sigh.

  6. I know, I checked the updated thread today by Loki on accounts that are being banned and while the number has gone down, there were still a lot of accounts banned even after shops have closed and gifting has been disabled. *sigh*

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