Here, you will find frequestly asked questions and information about this blog, its purpose, and a bit about myself.

What kinds of things does this blog cover?
Anime, music, images, album artwork, mp3 links, romaji, song names, song artists, photos, brief summaries, screencaps, information, artwork, and a few things about myself.

Why do you post romaji to songs?
There are a few reasons. I post such things because it gives me something to do, because it can help someone find lyrics that people were looking for, because I like doing it, and because it’s fun and gratifying.

What gave you the idea for this kind of blog?
In the summer of 2006, I started transliterating UNDER17 and Haruko Momoi songs so that I could sing along to their songs. As the months went by, I got the idea to make a journal entry on last.fm and post the lyrics I had transliterated so that maybe it would help someone out (the journal entry can be found here) because there aren’t a lot of people on the internet at all who transliterate Momoi or UNDER17’s lyrics. Then I started transliterating lyrics to many other songs until I had quite a large collection, and the idea soon came to me to make a blog and post the lyrics I already had along with the mp3’s and album artwork.

Why don’t you post the kanji too?
The kanji is easy to find; the romaji isn’t.

The mp3 links have expired!
Yes, this is quite frustrating. Unfortunately I don’t know of any site that will host mp3’s for a long period of time for free. Thus, I am thinking of getting a paid account on some sort of mp3-hosting web site to service the users that visit.

Can I ask you to re-upload a song?
Of course! I don’t mind at all.

Will you transliterate a song for me?
Sure. Just tell me the name of the song and the artist(s) that sing(s) it and I will do it. And I will not accept anything that has to do with Aya Hirano.

Can you translate any songs?
I could, but I don’t trust my Japanese skills enough to do so. Sorry!

Can I ask you to find a song or songs for me?
Yes. Tell me what you want and I will do everything I can. And I will not accept anything that has to do with Aya Hirano.

Can I link to your site?
Yes. You may use a text link or you can use this banner:

Will you link to my site?
Yes, if it has to do with anime, Japanese things, J-pop, etc.

Can I use your lyrics?
Yes. I only ask that you PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT. If I find you stealing my lyrics, I WILL find you.

I would like to discuss something with you/befriend you/whatever. Is there any way to contact you?

AIM: moecom lynx
MSN: broiler_love@hotmail.com
e-mail: inuyashasit133@yahoo.com

Why did you choose the name “oyogenai”?
Oyo.ge.na.i is the name of one of my top favorite UNDER17 songs.

Your blog looks really plain.
I know. I don’t know much html or CSS or whatever.

How come you don’t post screencaps of every character from [insert name of anime here]?
I just don’t. I post what I like.

What program do you use for your screenshots?
Zoom Player v4.03

What program do you use to download your anime/music?
BitTorrent 6.1.1.

Where do you get your music from?
Nipponsei, TokyoTosho, BoxTorrents, VeryCD, and other random places. Thanks guys!

Why did you post a lycris/mp3 entry for such-and-such OP but not the ED or vice-versa?
Because I didn’t like the OP/ED/whatever and I don’t listen to music I don’t like.

That’s all I can think of for now. If I think of anything else, I will add it in later.


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