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Happy Birthday To Me

March 31, 2009

Listening to: We Do What We Want To by O+S

It was my 20th birthday on the 26th of March. Meh…it doesn’t matter how old I get, every lady at the cigarette counter that cards me tells me she thought I was 12 years old. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

So the day went good. I woke up on the 26th at my boyfriend’s apartment, got ready, and we then headed off to Applebee’s where I ordered a sirloin tip steak (omg sooo good), mozzarella sticks, and french fries. Angelo (my boyfriend) was a little buzzed while driving because he ordered some sort of alcoholic drink. DX After that we went to the mall and I purchased some clothing; my boyfriend also got me a really sweet purse, which is good because I needed a new (and bigger!) purse.

After we came home from the mall, my other family members plus my best friend Collin arrived; Collin gave me a bunch of fioricet so I was delightfully fucked up the entire time; I don’t really remember much though but that’s how you should celebrate your birthday, damn it.

So yeah, they sang happy birthday to me and I opened up presents and cards and ate ice cream cake and got more fucked up and the night ended with my boyfriend taking Collin and I to the mall and buying some more shit. I got some cute new clothes, xxxHolic manga volume 3, Tsubasa manga volume 3, Inuyasha manga volume 12, Higurashi manga volume 2, and a great Chobits artbook called “Your Eyes Only”. I don’t actually remember purchasing any of these things, just that I was nicely high.

Anyway, pictures:

me with one of the Japanese Pretty Sammy novels that I got for my birthday last year


chillin’ in my computer chair

the dress is FAB. thanks Collin <3

smirk but not really

my mom and I

Angelo and I

Collin got me a beautiful boquet

ice cream cake!

me with my boyfriend and Collin to the left

my dad and I…wow.

Now, some of the things I got:

I named him Quincy.





various Clinique make-up

various gift cards

various Lancome make-up

various Elizabeth Arden make-up

various Mac make-up

other things




Anyway, it turned out to be a pretty good day. I’m really grateful to everyone who was able to spend the day with me.


Catching Up With Screencaps

October 10, 2008

Listening to: Futari no Birthday by Satsuki Yukino

I am going to post the last of the screencaps from series that I had sitting there so that I can be all caught up. Today we have Happy World!, Magical Heart Kokoro-chan, and Makai Tenshi Jiburiru.

Elle, the angel sent to help Takeshi Oomura with his bad luck

Elle is so cute

looking thoughtful

Elle running while trying to train for the school’s marathon (she’s terribly slow…)

Elle displays her power

Elle using her power again to help out a student

the adorable Kusakabe-san

Elle in a lovely dress


Takeshi’s cousin, Motoko, violating Elle >.<

Now on to Jiburiru:

go Hikari! save Rika!

evil Jiburiru!!



Angel Super Nova! this image is really shitty but I had to capture the whole thing

And lastly, Magical Heart Kokoro-chan:

Kokoro <3333

Kokoro Katsura

after her transformation…gotta have the pose

I just love her wand <3

Kokoro at work

just a smile :)

nice boat xD I’m glad they put that meme in there

So now I’m all caught up with screencaps! ^_^ At the moment I’m working on transliterating songs from Moetan which will take a bit to get all of them, but I have nothing better to do sooo yeah. After that I’ll do the songs from Higurashi too. Also soon I plan on watching Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan and also Dai Mahou Touge, so be on the lookout. ;)