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April 17, 2008

Listening to: Hikari to Tomo ni by Tomoko Kaneda

I am going to show off most of my Sasami collection today, as I have been delaying it since my birthday. These pictures were all taken with my digital camera so they’re not the greatest. This is basically a bullshit post. But, here we go. >:3

First we have an “official” doujinshi book by a splendid author named Makino Yasuhiro. This manga is simply called Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy 1.

Next is the second doujinshi book by the above mentioned author; the manga is called Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy 2.

Now here is the final volume of the aforementioned manga, called Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy 3.

This here is an artbook exclusively about Sasami Jurai titled Nandatte Sasami. The pictures inside are amazing, and it comes with a poster and some postcards.

This is an official AIC book compiled of different doujinshi stories about Sasami and the gang of Tenchi and Pretty Sammy written by many doujinshi authors and circles. Its name is Mahou Shoujo Pretty Samy Comic Anthology. It includes beautiful posters, cut-out paper dolls, and several pages in color.

Here is volume two of the official AIC compiled doujinshi book called Mahou Shoujo Pretty Samy Comic Anthology Vol.2. Again it has multiple stories about Sasami and the gang of Tenchi and their adventures written by doujin artists and circles. This time it features the rare Hyper Samy on the front cover! Included with this book are posters, cut-out paper dolls, and more pages in color.

Now we’ve got the famed art and information book called Magical Girl Pretty Samy The First Contact. I got it back in 2004, I believe. This book is simply amazing; it has posters, has pages containing almost everything in color, a huge image gallery, character sketches, and even an excerpt from a Pretty Samy novel.

Sister to The First Impact, this is the follow-up to it, called Magical Girl Pretty Samy Second Impact. It’s got basically the same contents as The First Contact excluding a poster, but it’s just as wonderful. Amazing gallery, character information, and a wonderful cover.

Here’s how I got introduced into Pretty Samy, excluding her appearance on Tenchi Universe. I was eleven years old when I bought this OVA VHS and since then, she became my complete obsession. This VHS was the first English subtitled media I had ever viewed but I thought it was so amazing. This VHS is eight years old!! Haha. Its name is Tenchi & Friends Special Pretty Sammy The Magical Girl. It came with an insert that has character designs, information on other Pretty Samy media, and a miniature gallery.

This is the second OVA out of the three Pretty Sammy OVAs called Tenchi & Friends Special Pretty Sammy 2 Revenge of The Imperial Electronic Brain. I really liked how they compared the character Biff Standard to Bill Gates; I found that to be quite hilarious. This OVA VHS came with an insert that had more character information, character sketches and a mini-poster.

The last OVA here is called Tenchi & Friends Special Pretty Sammy 3 Super Kiss. Out of the three, this would have to be my favorite. I love Pretty Samy’s new outfit, the banding together of Pretty Samy and Pixy Misa, the humanoid form of Ryo-ohki, the entire plot in general, and of course, the kiss. I have cried every single time I’ve watched this, and that’s no lie. It’s just that intense.

This is the first CD I have ever owned, which I got when I was eleven along with the first Pretty Samy OVA. It’s called Pretty Samy Marugoto Tappuri Song Collection. There are twenty tracks on it and all are from different Pretty Samy media. Some are from Magical Project S, some from the Pretty Samy video games, some from the Pretty Samy OVAs, and so-on. It’s my very most favorite CD entirely.

Ah, here is one of my pride and joy, my Sasami Jurai doll. I was so excited when I got it! I had actually gotten it for Christmas this year. I knew I was getting it but that didn’t dull the excitement one bit!! I love this doll so much.

And here is my Magical Project S Pretty Sammy doll. I love it so much! The baton she’s holding came unpainted, all pink, so I painted it myself. I think I did a fucking shitty job though! >_< Both dolls were $143 and it took me a really long time to get the money, but it was so worth it.

This is a 1/8 scale PVC figure of Sasami Iwakura from Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club holding a giant white turnip. The figure came with an extra part:
It’s Sasami in her gym outfit. It attaches at the waist so you can plug in either part.

This is a Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club 1/8 Scale PVC Figure of Sasami Iwakura and Misao Shinohara from Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club with their batons in hand and Ryo-ohki on the side. Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club is supposed to be licensed some time this year and I can’t wait! Sasami has had so many spin-offs from Tenchi Muyo it’s ridiculous, but I’m not complaining!

Well that’s it for now; I have a lot of other Sasami-related merchandise to post, but my camera died so I’ll have to wait.

Bye for now.


First post

February 18, 2008

Listening to: LOVE Sarigenaku by Haruko Momoi

So this is my first post in this blog. I guess I’ll start it out with a little bit about me.

My name is Jodie. I’m 18 years old and I love anime and manga, specifically Tenchi Muyo and Pretty Sammy. Sasami is, hands down, my favorite anime/manga character ever. I’ve been into Tenchi Muyo since I was 11 and was hooked upon first sight.

I named this blog “oyogenai” because it’s one of my favorite songs by the now-defunct J-pop duo UNDER17.

Some of the things I will be blogging about will include music, anime and manga things I own, upcoming anime, anime and manga I’ve seen and read, Japanese lyrics, and lots of pictures and mp3s.