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July 13, 2009

Listening to: Koi no Jumon wa Suki Tokimeki to Kiss by Haruko Momoi

It’s been a while because I have moved into my fiance’s apartment and spent a while getting comfortable and settled. So far everything’s gone just perfectly. Angelo’s parents came down and bought us a bunch of stuff for our apartment. It was really generous of them! But yeah, things have been great; I’m feeling okay and have adapted much better than expected.

So, Ntreev USA has launched Pangya Season 4 Delight. Before the end of Season 3, I had won the Lucia pop star ticket, so now I have the dumb bitch. I don’t want her at all, I hate Lucia. Hana is my main ho. I wish there was a way I could delete it or gift it, but alas, no such option exists.

It’s really buggy right now. Just the other day I was playing a game on the new course Lost Seaway when the entire Titan Boo server disconnected.
-An unknown item keeps appearing in some people’s gift boxes.
-Yesterday I logged in to find that I had a bunch of items missing, including but not limited to: one Cecelia Rainbow Feather, a skirt and shirt for Hana, a Tiki Scroll, both halves of a heart, and everything I gained from completing the tutorial. However I logged out and then logged back in and everything was back. Just to be safe I took screenshots of everything in my inventory. What else is buggy…
-oh, people keep getting a message that they have received scratchy cards when they actually can’t locate them.
-People are having trouble downloading the actual client.
-Sometimes when I log off and then log back in the server thinks I’m still online.
-The chat filter is ridiculous; you can’t type words like Titan Boo because it has the word “tit” in it.
-Also tons of random clothing items have been removed from the shop – this seems unintentional. I dunno, those are just some that I’ve encountered. I’d have gladly waited an extra month or whatever for a beta to get these bugs taken care of. This wasn’t a smart move on Ntreev’s part. They had honestly better have a quit rate reduction event or a lot of people are going to be pissed. My quit rate went up to 2.9 because of this mess.

Let’s get on to the good points of season 4 though I guess.
-There’s a treasure system where for each course you win items. I’ve won one scratchy card so far and a few other things.
-When you level up, you also get rewards. I’m a Senior E now.
-Lost Seaway is the best place for pang farming and very easy to boot.
-They have an excellent tutorial that’s very explanatory and you even receive things from completing it.
-There’s a safe box feature that’s password-protected where you can store some items and pang.
-GM tourneys can now host up to 100 people.
-Kaz now has some nifty sounds instead of being quiet.
-There’s a new view for starting off at the tee.
-We now have unlimited tries in the Papel Shop (not that it matters because the chances of winning a rare, let alone seeing one, are less than sprouting a penis out of your head and shitting gold statues of midget transvestites) plus a load of new items were added to Papel Shop as well. That’s really all I can think of for now.

A cool new feature that was made available are tourney jump-ins. You can now join a tourney that’s not full if time allows. There are also Tiki report scrolls which let you leave a tourney early instead of waiting until time is up.

Still though, hackers are ever-rampant. It took them what, three days to bypass GameGuard? I was in a Lost Seaway tourney today and noticed that
tonycheese was the host; he said that he had already kicked a bunch of hackers. That and I’ve also seen reports of hackers in the forum. Of course the BR’s are still at it. The spam is just as bad as ever, if not worse. I don’t want to hate BR’s or their country, and I don’t (yet), but the majority of the ones I’ve seen are hackers and rude spammers. Still though for every 100 spammers I see, there’s one that will apologize for not speaking English in a public area. Sure, Ntreev could do something about it, like IP block Brazil or ban any new Brazilian players from making an account, but they are too money-hungry to do so in my opinion. They made a contract with some company in Brazil or some bullshit like that. Also I happen to know that a few certain GM’s (I won’t drop names) that PvP in Grand Chase (yes, I am an avid player of Grand Chase – go Lire!) get paid enough money to have A+ stats and over 1600 attack. Shit in Grand Chase isn’t cheap – not really expensive, but still, not really cheap. So, yeah.

I think I’m done with this for now. Maybe I’ll do another update at the end of the month or the beginning of August when the rest of Season 4’s content is released.



March 14, 2009

Listening to: Standing on the Hill by Do As Infinity

With all the recent goings-on about Pangya and Ntreev and all, I thought I’d write down my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

There’s a lot of buzz going on right now about Pangya. There are many questions, the most popular being:

1.) Will our accounts get transferred?
2.) Will there be a pang wipe?
3.) What season will we start in?
4.) When will we get season 4?
5.) How will we stop pang hackers and other types of cheaters?
6.) When will we be able to download the game?

Honestly, it’s really annoying going around the newly-launched forums and seeing these questions all over the goddamned place. Do people not know how to read the announcements? There aren’t any answers yet and posting the same questions over and over again will not only flood the forums with useless spam but it will also piss people off. The mods/GMs/whatever will post news when they know anything.

I think that people should be grateful at all that Ntreev so generously picked up Pangya. I’ve seen loads of people say that they will not play anymore if accounts are not transferred. This I can understand for people who put large amounts of money into the game, because they’ll have just spent it for it all to go to naught. I, personally, won’t be leaving if the accounts aren’t transferred. Maybe it’s because I didn’t spend any actual money on the game but regardless I won’t be leaving. I haven’t been playing that long and I really love Pangya. I certainly would miss all of the items, clothing, and stats that I have for my Hana, but with a few months I’m sure I could get it all back. My gain would ultimately be greater than my loss.

Also if there were a pang wipe, I wouldn’t mind too much either even though I did have upwards of 632,000 pang in my account. The reason why I wouldn’t mind a pang wipe is because the Pangya economy was fucking RIDICULOUS. I would go into the PSquares and see feathers selling for 1 million pang and beyond. I even saw a few Kooh Devil’s Feathers selling for 9,999,999 pang! Are people insane? They were still in the Papel Shop for crying out loud. People don’t seem to realize that they likely ruined it for everybody.

As for what season we’ll be starting in, this is just a guess, but I’m thinking season 3. There are a few reasons I think this. The part of Ntreev USA’s site that is dedicated to Pangya shows the trailer for season 3 and also there are a few things from season 3 that we didn’t get due to OffesnivelyGrossPlanet erm I mean OGPlanet’s lack of updates (clothing, rares and such). In my honest opinion, anyone who is thinking we will start out with season 4 is really kidding themselves.

Anyway, just wanted to put in my two cents about all this uproar going on right now. e_e